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The Osteria

One of the oldest pub in Brescia, it still maintains all the charm and atmosphere of the past.
Generations of people in Brescia have passed by, for the sake of finding an authentic dish and a good glass of wine, and they were surely not disappointed.
To this day, Osteria La Grotta is renown as a traditional restaurant where you can find the perfect dish, according to your taste. You may start with an aperitif accompanied by a tasting of cheese and salami, then proceed to have lunch or a full course dinner choosing between à la carte menu and our daily selection.

The Cave (Grotta)

The so called "Cave" (Grotta) is divided in two rooms. One is the oldest part, the Grotta, that have been used since 1942; it is peculiar for its fascinating environment where everything, from the painted vaults and floors to the tables and chairs, which are in their original condition. A beverage bar with its original marble surface sketches The Osteria, the second dining hall, where bucolic paintings decor the walls in the most suggestive and pleasant way.

The Exterior

You can breathe the same atmosphere of inside the Tavern on the outside, in a lovely alley, traditional of the historical center of Brescia. There you can enjoy a pleasant feeling of warmth and hospitality, a romantic and charming environment in the cool spring evenings or in the breezy summer ones.


The kitchen of Osteria La Grotta is always opened until late at night (around 1 a.m.) and offers, if you look for something different than a formal dinner, a selection of cold dishes, such as salami, ham and all the excellence of the Italian meat or cheese boards, that can be accompanied by the wine house.

The actual menu is much richer, spacing from appetizers, where hand-cut, high-quality specialties of cold-cuts stand out, to the first course, made with recipes typical of the tradition of Brescia, such as meat Casoncelli, Peasant Soup, Casoncelli with Hare Salmi, up to the second courses of assorted meat (served according to the season).

On particular days you may also find the "Daily Special", an out-of-the-ordinary suggestion we reserve for our guests.

The Backcourt

Do you have an important anniversary to celebrate?
Come to celebrate it in our backcourt with your beloved ones, your friends or colleagues: our event room, separated from the restaurant, can be booked for lunch or dinner.


Osteria La Grotta
Vicolo del Prezzemolo 10
Tel +39 030 44068
[email protected]

- Closed on Wednesday -

The wine cellar

In the cellar, which is also in its original condition, you may find many renown wines, whether from Brescia, nationals or internationals. In the cellar you may also have a taste of our selection of salami.

La cantina

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